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Personal Savings

Freehold Bank offers a range of savings and investment services designed with your lifestyle in mind. Whatever your investment objective, Freehold Bank has a variety of services to meet your needs.


Statement Savings

This is a savings account for people who don’t like the necessity of carrying their passbook when making deposits or withdrawals. Instead, they prefer to keep track of their transactions in a register, and receive a monthly statement. A free ATM card is available which permits 24 hour banking convenience at ATM's everywhere.

  • Available for both consumer and commercial customers
  • Minimum to open $10.00
  • Free and easy to read monthly statements
  • Monthly service charge of $5.00 if on any day during the monthly cycle the daily balance drops below the $10.00 minimum balance requirement
  • Free Online banking
  • Gain access to funds using Freehold Bank ATM locations
  • Account subject to Reg D limitations
  • Funds are FDIC Insured
  • Account is limited to six transactions per statement cycle
  • Transfers by way of check, draft, ATM card or similar order made payable to a third party is limited to six transfers per month or statement cycle.

Money Market

Money Market Passbook

This account is similar to a Passbook Savings Account and is recommended for those depositors who maintain a higher balance.

This is an FDIC insured deposit that has deposit tiers. Interest is paid on the full balance in the account at the rate that corresponds to that deposit tier. If the balance falls below the minimum requirement, the rate will be adjusted to the current NOW account rate. The minimum balance that is required to open this account is $1000.00. All deposits are subject to collection before withdrawal. Interest is compounded daily and credited monthly. Please call for additional details.

Certificate of Deposit

Build your savings on your terms with CD’s that fit your goals. Check out our featured rates and terms for Freehold Bank’s choice Promotional CD's and find the one that works with your investment and savings goals.

  • Lock in competitive interest rate for a low risk investment
  • Start with a minimum deposit of $500.00
  • Ideal for long term savings
  • Rates range from terms of 91days to 5 years
  • FDIC insured

Individual Retirement Accounts

It’s never too early to start saving for retirement.

Traditional IRA

Thinking of saving for retirement? A traditional IRA lets your money grow tax deferred, meaning you won’t pay taxes until you start withdrawing.
Always consult with your Tax advisor regarding your individual needs.

What you can expect from a Traditional IRA

  • Tax -deductible contributions
  • Your Investment growth is Tax-deferred
  • You can contribute up to $6000.00 annually if you are under age 50
  • You can contribute up to $7000.00 annually from age 50 and beyond, provided you have earned income



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