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Account Services

At Freehold Bank, our clients are everything. Our number-one goal is to provide you with a superior banking experience, and we’re ready to help you get the most out of banking with us. We strive to make your interactions with us as enjoyable as possible. Please reach out to our friendly, talented team for any of the services listed below.


Debit Cards

Like a credit card, the Visa Check Card permits the holder to make purchases anywhere the Visa Card is accepted, with the charge being made directly to the holder’s checking account rather than as a credit transaction. Additionally, it is also an access card to tens of thousands of automated teller machines (ATM) across the nation. At these terminals, the cardholder may make balance inquiries, withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds between accounts or make purchases at participating merchants.


The Visa Check Card may be used at any business establishment accepting Visa credit cards. Purchases are charged directly to the cardholder’s checking account rather than as a credit transaction. The Visa Check Card can be used at tens of thousands of ATMs throughout the world. Access to ATM terminals is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cash may be withdrawn, up to a maximum of $300.00 per day. Additionally the card may be used for purchases up to $300.00 a day. Combined cash withdrawals and purchases may not exceed $600.00 a day. Balance inquiries or funds transfers may be made between accounts at Freehold Bank. Purchases may be made at any business establishment accepting Visa credit cards. Security provided by use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please call us for full details.

Night Deposit

If your business pulls in cash after banking hours, we can help secure those funds. Drop your deposit into our safe and we’ll credit your account the next business day.

Contact your branch to obtain a key.

Take advantage of our online banking and mobile app to get quick portable access to your accounts.

Savings Bond Redemption

U.S. Savings Bonds can be redeemed at your local branch. Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions and must be purchased online via the Treasury Direct website. To calculate the value of your paper savings bond, use this handy online calculator.

Routing Number

Our bank routing number is 221271948

NMLS Number

Our bank NMLS number is 408098

Freehold Bank welcomes you to enjoy our wide range of personal, small business and commercial banking solutions including checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgages and more.

Please contact our Talented Customer Service Representatives and Loan Officers for all your banking needs at (732) 462-6700.



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