We are currently making changes to our website.  You will notice that the url under the address bar now states  This will be the new web address going forward to access our site.  All previous web addresses that you may have saved as your favorites will automatically direct you to our site.  In the near future you will see a more dynamic website with more enhanced features.





Online Banking

Free Online Banking | FAQ's


Welcome to Freehold Saving's Online Banking

Freehold Savings is now offering on-line banking to its customers. Need the balance of your checking account at 9:30 PM? How about your current loan balance at 5:00PM on Saturday? Freehold Savings gives you complete access to your accounts anytime, day or night. You can look at statements, verify balances and even transfer money between accounts.


How do I take advantage of Freehold Savings Online?

Simply go to our home page, click on First Time User, and complete the form. You will receive information in a few days with a user ID and password.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Freehold Savings Online is as safe and secure as coming to the bank or using an ATM. We take every precaution to assure the use of sophisticated encryption and firewall devices to ensure that your information is protected and available only to you. All we ask is that you not share your login and password with anyone, and contact us immediately if something appears to be wrong.

How much does it cost?

Not only is Freehold Savings Online convenient, but it's also free!