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Receive & Pay Bills Online

Experts estimate that the average American spends two to four hours a month paying bills when they write and mail paper checks. But times are changing. Rather than opening bills, writing checks, stuffing envelopes, recording transactions longhand and making sure there are enough stamps to finish the job, consumers can use their computers to schedule bill payments in less than 10 minutes.

Are You Ready to Experience the Convenience?
Join the millions of people who make their lives easier every month by receiving, viewing and paying their bills online. It's fast, easy and puts you in complete control – you decide who to pay, when to pay them and how often to pay them.

Where to Sign Up
Pay all your bills at one site. When you pay online through Freehold Bank, you can pay anyone – from your electric company, to your credit card, to your favorite charity – anytime, anywhere. Best of all it’s free!

Plus, you can enhance the convenience of paying online by receiving your bills electronically, checking the status of pending bills and even scheduling recurring payments. You can do this from one secure online location, in just a few minutes. And, when you use a service that is "powered by CheckFree," you and your payments are protected by the CheckFree Guarantee.

If you are going to use OnLine Bill Payment, you must have an existing Freehold Bank checking account and be enrolled for Internet Banking which is a free banking services.

If you are not already an Internet Banking customer, enroll now. 

If you are an existing Internet Banking customer, get started with OnLine Bill Payment in two easy steps:

  1. Log on to Internet Banking
  2. Once you are logged on, click on your checking account then the Bill Payment tab to begin the bill pay enrollment process.